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thinking of filing bankruptcy?

Thinking Of Filing Bankruptcy?

Filing For Bankruptcy Is Not Pleasurable, But It Doesn't Have To Be Painful.

Bankruptcy filers are not alone. If you include husband & wife joint filings, over two million Americans filed for bankruptcy in 2022 and even more in 2023. That's well over
4 million people in just 24 months!

For many people, filing bankruptcy is due to circumstances truly outside of the debtor's control, such as catastrophic illnesses and injuries, lengthy unemployment, or loss of a lawsuit. Whether your financial troubles stem from credit card debt, student loan debt, medical debt or any other cause, filing bankruptcy may be your best solution to getting your life back on track.

Why File Bankruptcy Yourself With 1Clickbankruptcy.com?

Save $1000's by not having to hire an attorney!

  • Bankruptcy Attorneys now charge $1,000 to $2,000 in fee's. (twice that for a chapter 13).

  • Bankruptcy Attorneys are required by law to investigate the legitamacy of your forms.

  • Bankruptcy Attorneys turn down many cases due to the new laws.

  • Using a Bankruptcy Attorney can cost you several days of missed work even before you go to court.

What about online bankruptcy petition preparers?

  • The courts consider a bankruptcy petition preparer to be a typist. If you can type, you don't need one.

  • Bankruptcy Petition Prepares are required by law to sign many of the forms and provide a SS# and a copy of their drivers license, most do not comply.

  • Bankruptcy Petition Preparers are not allowed to give legal advice, help choose exemptions, or even tell you which chapter to file.

  • Bankruptcy Petition Preparers can only charge certain rates determined by state law. Many online prepares charge more than the law allows.

What about other Bankruptcy Software programs?

  • Most other programs forms are in plain PDF or Word format.

  • Plain PDF format will not allow you to save your information after it is entered or require expensive Adobe Acrobat software.

  • Word format is clunky at best. As you enter information the paragraphs shift and change ending up with a non official bankruptcy form format.

  • Neither format does the hundreds of math calculations automatically or share commonly typed fields like 1Clickbankruptcy.com adding extra work and hours of your time, while also increasing the possibility of errors and having your bankruptcy petition rejected by the courts.

The 1Clickbankruptcy.com Advantage

Our bankruptcy forms software are second to none for ease of use, accuracy, security, and price. No other program lets you save your work as you go without expensive plugins.

This is a huge advantage as many bankruptcy forms are 10 or more pages in length and contain a hundred or more fields of information. "Print Only" PDF bankruptcy software is just not adequate for creating bankruptcy forms. Imagine finding a typo or needing to change an address only to have to retype the ENTIRE 10 PAGES because you were not able to save your work.

Having the math done for you is huge advantage #2. With our software, when you get to the end of the bankruptcy form your done! All the amounts are automatically totaled and entered in the proper fields. No going back with a calculator having to manually add and re-add your data and double check your math.

Having the bankruptcy software downloaded to your computer is the best advantage of all. "Browser based" bankruptcy services leave a lot to be desired. If you need to change a form with an online service you have to login to their server, try to find the field to make the change, then wait to have the edited form emailed to you in PDF format. If it doesn't look right, you get to start over again and again. Some browser based services only allow you 14 days of access. If you need to make any changes after 14 days they will charge you an additional fee!

Also many "browser based" bankruptcy services are not as secure as they claim to be. There are sites that operate under different names selling the exact same service at different prices from the same location and all are run outside of the United States (over seas) and may not offer browser encryption or a secure connection so all your personal information is subject to being intercepted. Not to mention all of your most personal and private information is sitting on their servers thousands of miles away with only the hope that your personal information will not be abused.

With 1Clickbankruptcy.com you download the bankruptcy software from our Texas based servers once to your computer and can complete your bankruptcy at your own pace with total privacy and security without sharing any personal information over the internet.

How 1Clickbankruptcy Works:

Feature 1 After doing some research on our website about filing for bankruptcy, click the Download Now! link to get started.

Feature 2 After ordering, you may instantly download our intelligent, fillable bankruptcy forms software, and gain access to the online bankruptcy help section.

Feature 3 The 1ClickBankruptcy Software handles the math calculations for you as you type. This makes filing your bankruptcy fast, easy, and accurate. All the required Updated Official Bankruptcy Forms are automatically generated:
  • Voluntary Petition
  • Application to pay filing fee in installments
  • Application for waiver of chapter 7 filing fee
  • Statement regarding ownership of hazardous materials
  • Individual Debtor's Statement Of Compliance With credit Counseling Requirement
  • Summary of Schedules
  • Declaration concerning debtors schedules
  • Real Property
  • Personal Property
  • Property Claimed as Exempt
  • Creditors Holding Secured Claims
  • Creditors holding Unsecured Priority Clams
  • Creditors holding Unsecured Non-Priority Clams
  • Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases
  • Codebtors
  • Current Income
  • Current Expenditures
  • Statement of Financial Affairs
  • Chapter 7 Statement of Intention
  • Chapter 7 Means Test
  • Chapter 13 Monthly Income Calculation
  • Statement of Social Security Numbers
  • Instructional Course Concerning Financial Management
  • Notice to Individual Consumer Debtor
  • Consumer Debtor Notification
  • Re-affirmation Agreement
  • Order on Re-affirmation
  • Re-affirmation Agreement Cover Sheet
  • Creditor Mailing list
  • Chapter 13 Trustees information
Feature 4 The help section has detailed online bankruptcy help on how to fill out each specific bankruptcy form, and even if you are required to file the form for your case.

Feature 5 Enter your information and "save" each form directly on your computer. Unlike our competitors, you don't have to print the form without the ability to save your work or have to log back in to some remote server to add, change, or edit information.

Feature 6 Print, Sign, and file your Bankruptcy Petition. Refer to our website's "Court Guide" for information on where to file your bankruptcy petition for your district.

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"I highly recommend your service to anyone considering filing bankruptcy. Your state based rules and courthouse information saved me tons of time. Thanks..."
Tony R., San Diego, Ca

"Thank you for helping me with filing bankruptcy. I don't use computers every day but found your program simple to use and your online help made entering my information painless."
Marcy W., Detroit, Mi

"I purchased from a different company to file chapter 7 bankruptcy, but ended up needing to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy but they don't do it. Didn't refund my money either. I was skeptical to try again but the 1 click program made filing bankruptcy easy. Really liked saving the $2500.00 lawyer fee too!"
Lee R., Milwaukee, Wi

"Fast and affordable. The bankruptcy trustee was impressed with the quality and ask me who did it. She said more and more people are filing bankruptcy themselves and wished they all were so well done."
John M., Dallas, Tx

"I started entering my information into the program at 8:00pm at was done by 9:00pm!"
Sarah P., Atlanta, Ga

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